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Atomi Smart

The Future of Consumer Electronics


Head of Marketing - Atomi Inc | atomi smart

July 2019 - Present

Over the past 20 years, Atomi Inc. has been considered as one of the leaders in the consumer electronics industry across the American continent. In 2019 the brand launched its automation / smart-tech venture - atomi smart which deals in home automation and smart consumer electronics. the brand has a portfolio consisting of various smart products. 

As the head of marketing, the following key responsibilities were in the job description.

· Head all Integrated Marketing and Communications initiatives for the brand’s smart venture – atomi smart.

· Launch and maintain the social media presence for atomi smart.

· Create relevant content, engage potential customers, and be the point of contact for all product-related/otherwise quarries from the target market. 

· Manage all digital media campaigns. Monitor and report the digital sales figures, social media statistics and digital media ROIs & KPIs.

· Managing and building media relations (Bloggers, Influencers, News, etc.). Create a buzz around the brand.

· Manage email-marketing initiatives with Amazon SES. 

· Create relevant content and copy regularly. Write and proofread all emails, blogs and branding related content.

· Manage sales promotions, publicity, and storyboarding. Vendor management and other Marcom related tasks.

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