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Maynardleigh Associates

Theatre and psychology


Marketing & Communications Manager

March 2018 - December 2018

Maynard Leigh delivers outstanding behavioural change programmes in the areas of Communication, Leadership and Teams. Since 1989, the brand has pioneered the use of concepts of theatre, blended with psychological insight and frameworks for organizational change, to create highly intensive development programmes for corporates around the globe.

As the marketing and communications manager, the following key responsibilities were in the job description.

· Conduct all Marketing and communications initiatives for the brand.

· Maintain the social media presence for Maynardleigh Associates India. Curate and create content, engage potential B2B customers.

· Manage the digital media campaigns of the brand. Monitor and report the digital sales figures, social media statistics and digital media ROIs & KPIs.

· Design all brand collaterals (graphic design and content writing).

· Manage the email marketing initiatives with Mail jet. Write and proofread all emails, blogs and branding related content.

· Plan and manage all open workshops (sales & promotions for monthly events open to the public).

· Coordinate with the printers, hotels, and other vendors as required among other Marcom related tasks.

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