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Krabi, Thailand - Plan your trip with these things in mind.

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

From beautiful blues to naturally occurring emerald greens that you might not have seen before, Krabi is an experience: a sensory overload for even the avid traveller. temperate weather that hit you in a snooze and relaxing/calming views that rejuvenate you to the core. Characterized by craggy, sheer limestone cliffs, dense mangrove forests, and with more than a hundred offshore islands, this destination will leave you longing for more.

Here are a few things that come in handy while planning your trip to this beautiful city:

- The Winter Months Last from Dec to March with an average high of 34.8°C and an average low of  21.1°C.

- An Average meal for one person costs about 4.28$ in a non-expensive restaurant.

- A Pint of Domestic Drought Beer costs about 4.71$ on average.

- A Litre of gas costs 1.35$.

- The monthly rent of a 1BHK a little off the City Centre is about 328.28$.

Main Attractions:

01. Lined with Thailand’s finest beachfront resorts, Ao Nang has something for everyone; from the best crab platter to a delicious Pina Colada – you have it all at a much lower price than the other counterparts of the city (Shhhh… that’s our secret)

02. The undersea pinnacle of Hin Daeng is considered one of Thailand’s best diving sites and has the country's deepest drop-off. It’s a significant feeding station for large pelagic fish such as sharks, tuna, whale sharks and manta rays. Named after its magnificent purple reef,

03. Hin Muang is a solitary coral outcrop in the middle of the sea, sitting at a depth of about 20m, Hin Muang acts as an important feeding station for large pelagic fish. You might even spot a few leopard sharks, groupers, barracudas, moray eels, tuna, whale sharks and manta rays.

04. Wat Tham Seua is a sprawling hill and cave temple sitting on a 9km day trip north of Krabi Town. At the park entrance, you’ll come to a gruellingly steep 1260-step staircase leading to a 600m karst peak. After a 30 to 40-minute climb, the daring ones are rewarded with magnificent golden Buddha statues, a gilded stupa, and spectacular views out to sea beyond Ao Nang. 

05. Located a stone-throw away from Krabi mainland, the island of Koh Phi-Phi is a beautiful island that has much more to offer than the entire town together. Beautiful viewpoints, walking trails, beachside patio restaurants and resorts and parties that are known to get notoriously fun.

06. Established in 1990, the Mu Ko Lanta marine national park protects 16 islands in the Ko Lanta group to preserve the natural habitats and environmental conditions of these islands.

07. These islands can be Dramatically flanked by green-clad cliffs, majestic Ao Maya sits on Phi-Phi Leh’s western shoreline. In 1999, its beautiful sandbeds were controversially used as a film set for The Beach, based on Alex Garland’s cult novel. Although the production team restored things before leaving, many claim the damage to the ecosystem has been permanent.

08. Set on the northeastern tip of the island, the Viking Cave is a central collection point for outrageously valuable swifts’ nests, the key components of the Chinese specialty bird-nest soup. Nimble collectors scamper up fragile bamboo scaffolding to the roof of the cave to gather the nests. Before ascending, they pray and make offerings of tobacco, incense, and liquor.

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