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Krabi, Thailand - Plan your trip with these things in mind.

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

From beautiful blues to naturally occurring emerald greens that you might not have seen before, Krabi is an experience: a sensory overload for even the avid traveller. temperate weather that hit you in a snooze and relaxing/calming views that rejuvenate you to the core. Characterized by craggy, sheer limestone cliffs, dense mangrove forests, and with more than a hundred offshore islands, this destination will leave you longing for more.

Here are a few things that come in handy while planning your trip to this beautiful city:

- The Winter Months Last from Dec to March with an average high of 34.8°C and an average low of  21.1°C.

- An Average meal for one person costs about 4.28$ in a non-expensive restaurant.

- A Pint of Domestic Drought Beer costs about 4.71$ on average.

- A Litre of gas costs 1.35$.<