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The key to the perfect winter: Florida Key West

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Winter is Coming: I know we’ve heard this rather overused phrase a million times by now, thanks to Game of Thrones. ‘The North’ knows winter very well and anticipates its arrival as snowbirds pack their bags and prepare to flock south to warmer havens. This year why not conceder heading a bit further south? No, not to Cuba; but somewhere down there.

Some time back, we took it upon us to touch the most south of the American mainland. In a search of the sun, we crossed the Floridian marshes and stumbled upon this piece of land floating closer to Cuba than it is to the USA. We spent the next few weeks exploring this cluster of islands that oozes out community and culture. The Most amazing thing about this journey was that the picturesque views began way before we actually hit the key strip, with the emerald blue ocean on both sides and the Floridan breeze welcoming you to paradise, the highway connecting the keys to Miami-mainland is a sight for sore eyes, nowhere close to the nest but it had already started feeling like home to this Canadian snowbird.