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Why Thailand might be calling you this winter

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

To all the Canadian snowbirds flying south this summer, stop and reconsider; you could get much more for the buck you spend this winter. Last winter I had an unanticipated adventure that left me wanting more; A few months in this paradise weren’t enough, given a choice I would definitely pick Krabi and Phuket for my winter getaway. Here are a few eye-opening reasons why:

1. Warm temperatures through the winters.

Frankly, this came to me as a shock, the transition between my down jacket and 3 layers of clothing to a light shirt on selective occasions. The weather is so amazing that you’d never want to leave the poolside. Escaping the harsh winters of the north has never been this sweet.

2. Beautiful therapeutic Beaches.

When it comes to rejuvenation, I believe nature has no competitor, and Thailand does justice to it, the super clean beaches, the emerald green water topped up well with the hilly islands create a concoction of breathtaking views that hit your brain into a mode of relaxation and rejuvenation that you’d never want to leave.

3. It’s a steal for the amount you’d be spending.

One Canadian Dollar equals a whopping twenty-five Thai baht which means that at the end of the day, this retreat isn’t going to burn a big hole in your wallet while giving you the best time of your life.

4. The perfect date night

Remembering the night that is still on top of my list was the ferry ride to Koh-Samui; Sitting on that huge piece of floating metal, under the clear moonlit sky with nothing but darkness to surround you and a few distant boats crossing the narrow sea gave me and my partner the perfect opportunity to have the most meaningful conversations about life. That night sky and the glass of wine remain to be the best moment of all my living memory; It changes you, I’ll never be the same within or without.

5. Walks by the sunset

Walking by the harbour a few hours from Krabi town I was hit with this majestic view of the sun kissing the waves. It’s hard to describe in words what happens when the blue overtakes the stresses of life, only a strange feeling of belongingness is what remains. You find yourself surrounded by the songs of the winds and the waves crashing into stone; it’s a sensory overload that leaves you longing for more.

6. Party on your mind?

There’s no right age to hit a crazy party, and Thailand has the kind of crazy that you’d fall in love with. Every month Thailand hosts its ‘Full Moon Party’ where people from all walks of life gather at a beach at Koh Phangan, to drink and dance at this popping party that runs till daybreak.

7. Massages, shopping and much more

Thailand is known most for its rejuvenating massages amongst other things, a three-hour long full body massage, scrub and sauna for 20$ while sipping on Pina Coladas next to the ocean is more than what you could ever ask for. The town sides are popping with beautiful architectural marvels mixed up with wall arts and just a really amazing free vibe.

8. History at every corner.

Phuket & Krabi come packed with temples, statues and cultural wonders at every corner that gives you a taste of what you’ve always been missing. Every trip down the grocery store is an adventure you’d love to take.

9. Safety is built into the culture.

Thai culture is built around care and security, in my time in this majestic land I couldn’t help but notice that many if not all the 24-hour shops and holdings were operated and managed by the female workforce; the openness and helpfulness are just cherries on the cake. For not one moment did I feel unsafe roaming around the streets around the clock.

10. Thai cuisine.

Last but not least, Thailand takes pleasure in serving you the best delicacies. Be it food or just a few drinks, everything is served with a pinch of authenticity. Rest assured you’d be served a plate full of bursting flavours. Bon Appetit!

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