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Sid Arora

Brief Overview - Clothing Rack

Brand Identity - Graphic Design - Production

Project Title: Clothing Rack Brand Identity

Client: Clothing Rack

Industry: Fashion & Retail

Project Role: Lead Designer / Art Director

The project involved refining and finalizing the brand identity for Clothing Rack, a contemporary clothing brand known for its elegant and high-quality apparel. The goal was to enhance the existing preliminary designs to create a cohesive and luxurious brand identity that would appeal to fashion-conscious individuals.


To elevate the brand's market presence by refining the initial design concepts and integrating them into a complete brand identity package that reflects Clothing Rack’s values of luxury, quality, and sustainability.


Target Audience

Men and women aged 20-40 who are fashion-conscious, appreciate attention to detail and prefer quality over quantity. The secondary audience includes fashion industry influencers and boutique retail buyers.

Scope of Work

  • Logo Refinement: Revision of the existing logo for improved application across various platforms.

  • Colour Palette Expansion: Development of a comprehensive colour palette around the established maroon base.

  • Typography Enhancement: Selection and refinement of typography to improve brand communication.

  • Packaging Design Development: Design of packaging materials that align with the brand’s luxury ethos and sustainability commitment.

  • Brand Collateral Expansion: Creation of an extensive range of brand collateral including business cards, promotional materials, and letterheads.

  • Photography Style Refinement: Establishment of a photography style guide to ensure brand consistency across all visual content.

Creative Vision

The art direction for Clothing Rack’s brand identity was envisioned as a blend of classic elegance with a modern twist. It aims to capture the essence of timeless fashion through a contemporary lens, reflecting the brand's commitment to quality and the modern consumer’s desire for sustainability and luxury.

Colour Palette

A deep maroon was chosen as the primary colour to exude sophistication and richness, reminiscent of the luxurious textiles used in Clothing Rack’s apparel. This is supported by a range of complementary neutrals that convey a sense of warmth and approachability, ensuring the brand remains inviting to a broad demographic.

Packaging and Collateral

Packaging designs were guided by the principles of minimal waste and maximum reusability, aligning with the brand’s sustainability ethos. The tactile experience of the packaging was considered crucial, with a focus on materials that consumers would want to keep and reuse.


Typography selections were made to mirror the brand's fusion of classic and contemporary. A serif typeface was chosen for its traditional connotations and legibility, imbuing a sense of reliability and time-honoured quality. In contrast, a clean sans-serif font represents the brand’s modern and forward-looking approach.

Logo and Visual Motifs

The logo was crafted to be minimalist yet impactful, emphasizing the brand's name with a focus on letterform and spacing to ensure readability and recognition. Visual motifs inspired by clothing textures and patterns were subtly integrated into the branding to create a distinctive and tactile feel.

Photography and Imagery

The art direction for photography was to capture the apparel in natural light, highlighting the quality and texture of the fabrics. Models were styled in a manner that emphasizes the clothing’s versatility and the brand's inclusive approach.

Consistency Across Mediums

A key aspect of the art direction was maintaining a consistent visual narrative across all mediums. Whether online or in print, the branding was to be unmistakable and identifiable as Clothing Rack.


Art Direction in Application

In the portfolio, each piece of the brand identity is presented with an explanation of how the art direction influenced the design choices. The final pages showcase the art direction brought to life through product photography, packaging, and digital applications.

Design Process

  1. Research & Analysis: Studied the current brand assets and market positioning to ensure the new identity would resonate with the desired audience.

  2. Concept Development: Built upon the existing design elements to create a series of cohesive concepts for the brand identity.

  3. Client Collaboration: Worked closely with the client through workshops and presentations to refine concepts and ensure the designs aligned with their vision.

  4. Design Execution: Developed the full suite of brand identity materials, from logo to packaging, ensuring a seamless visual language across all touchpoints.

  5. Photography Direction: Oversaw the creation of a custom photography guide to accurately represent the clothing line.

The Brand Story

In the heart of the bustling city, there's a place where the threads of tradition and modernity are woven together, a place called Clothing Rack. Born from a passion for timeless style and the need for sustainable quality, Clothing Rack emerged as a beacon of classic fashion in a world of fleeting trends.


The founders, two fashion-forward visionaries, envisioned a brand that stands for more than just attire. Each piece of clothing is a narrative of meticulous craftsmanship, ethical sourcing, and enduring design. Clothing Rack is where every thread tells a story, every fold holds a memory, and every garment is a piece of art meant to be treasured. The brand represents a journey back to the roots of classic tailoring while stepping forward into the future of fashion sustainability. It's not just about what you wear; it's about carrying a legacy — a legacy of elegance, responsibility, and respect for the craft.


  • A complete brand identity package, including a refined logo, colour palette, typography, packaging, brand collateral, and a photography style guide.

  • High-fidelity mockups of branding materials applied to various mediums.

  • Helping the brand transition on to the new brand identity



The refined brand identity successfully conveyed the essence of Clothing Rack, resulting in a notable increase in brand recognition and market engagement. The new packaging design also emphasized the brand's commitment to sustainability, which was positively received by customers and stakeholders.

Project Reflections


This project highlighted the importance of iterative design and close client engagement. The ability to build upon preliminary designs to achieve a premium and sustainable brand identity was a rewarding challenge.

Portfolio Presentation

The above pages include visuals of the design process, final deliverables, and mockups showcasing the brand identity in application.

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