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Sid Arora

The Decathlon Union Station Store project was a groundbreaking venture that aimed to revolutionize the decathlon retail experience by integrating a digital-first approach. The city store stood to be the brand's first physical footprint in Toronto; located at one of the busiest transit intersections in North America. The project's main goal was to design a store that seamlessly blends the physical retail environment with digital interactivity, creating a unique and immersive shopping experience that stands out in the modern retail landscape.

Project Brief: Design and Launch a Fresh store concept with a small retail space and drive online and click and collect. a space where people could stop by on their commute to collect their e-commerce orders.

Objective: To design a store that stands out in the busy Union Station in Toronto, while adhering to the brand guidelines and identity of the global brand.



  1. Store Design: Create a modern, inviting store layout with interactive and engaging displays.

  2. Brand Identity: Develop a unique store identity while maintaining the universal brand experience that resonates with the target audience.

  3. Technology Integration: Use advanced technology for an interactive shopping experience.

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