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Sid Arora

Brief Overview - Knotted, A Symphony of Tradition and Elegance

Brand Identity - Graphic Design - Art Direction

Project Name: Knotted Jewelry - A Symphony of Tradition and Elegance


Project Description: Knotted represents the quintessence of love and commitment, transformed into a line of exquisite bridal jewelry. This portfolio chronicles the journey of conceptualizing a brand that reveres the deep-seated traditions of Indian bridal adornment while embracing modern elegance. The project spans various creative disciplines, including branding, art direction, and marketing strategy, culminating in a suite of assets that resonate with the essence of Raja Ravi Varma's artistic legacy.

Client: Knotted

Industry: Jewelry and Fashion

Project Role: Brand Identity Designer / Art Director


To showcase Knotted as a brand that encapsulates the spirit of matrimonial bonds through timeless jewelry pieces, and to narrate the brand's story through a curated collection of visual and textual content.

Outcome: The portfolio aims to exhibit a comprehensive view of the Knotted brand's market introduction, detailing the creative process, strategic planning, and the impactful delivery of the brand experience. It is a testament to the harmonious blend of art, culture, and storytelling that defines Knotted Jewelry.

Significance: This project underscores the power of cultural heritage in contemporary brand creation and aims to serve as a benchmark for future endeavours in the luxury bridal jewelry segment.


Target Audience

  1. Newly Engaged Couples: Individuals seeking unique and meaningful jewelry that symbolizes their love and commitment.

  2. Bridal Fashion Enthusiasts: Fashion-forward individuals who are looking for distinctive bridal accessories that blend traditional elegance with modern design.

  3. Jewelry Collectors: Aficionados who appreciate fine craftsmanship and cultural richness in jewelry.

  4. Cultural Art Admirers: People who have a deep appreciation for traditional Indian art and its modern interpretations, especially those who resonate with the artistic heritage of Raja Ravi Varma.

Concept Overview

The art direction for Knotted aims to celebrate the intricate and profound nature of matrimonial bonds. Each piece of jewelry is not just an accessory; it's a symbol of the ties that bind two lives together. Our photoshoot concept was meticulously crafted to capture this essence, portraying the jewelry as both an adornment and a testament to enduring love.


Creative Vision

Our vision was to create a series of images that do more than showcase jewelry; they narrate the story of a bond that is as unbreakable as it is beautiful. The art direction is infused with the ethos of traditional bridal elegance, yet speaks to the contemporary bride who cherishes both her heritage and her individuality.

Photography Direction:

  • Close-ups with a Story: The close-up shots are deliberate, focusing on the details of the jewelry to draw parallels with the intimate, detailed journey of a couple's life together. The sparkle of each gemstone is like a milestone, a memory, a promise.

  • Warm Hues & Soft Lighting: We utilized warm hues and soft lighting to envelop the subject in an aura of romance and nostalgia. This lighting choice creates a halo effect around the jewelry, symbolizing the sacred aura of the wedding ceremony.

  • Depth of Field: A shallow depth of field was employed to accentuate the jewelry against the soft, unfocused background, allowing each piece to stand out while also inviting the viewer to imagine their personal story.


Raja Ravi Varma was a celebrated painter known for his brilliant fusion of European techniques with a distinctly Indian sensibility. His works are considered among the best examples of the fusion of European academic art techniques with Indian art traditions. He was also notable for making his art accessible to the public through affordable lithographs, which significantly influenced the artistic tastes of the broader society. His depictions of Hindu deities and episodes from epics and Puranas have been widely accepted and are often found as objects of worship across India​.

Brand Story

In the realm of love and tradition, where every heartstring weaves a tale of romance, lies the essence of Knotted. Born from the whispers of ancient Indian lore and the tender moments of matrimonial bliss, Knotted is a celebration of love's eternal journey.

Each piece of Knotted jewelry is a symphony of passion, a delicate embrace of gold and gems, capturing the unspoken promises of a lifetime together. Inspired by the artistic grandeur of Raja Ravi Varma, our creations are more than adornments; they are odes to the soulful union of two hearts.

In the glow of each diamond, the lustre of every pearl, the stories of timeless love come alive – tales of first glances, whispers under the moonlight, and the joyous union under the canopy of stars. Knotted is where these stories intertwine, where the art of jewelry-making meets the art of love.

Our brand is a sanctuary for romantics, a haven where love's purest forms are immortalized in gold and silver. For every bride who adorns a piece of Knotted, she doesn't just wear a jewel; she carries with her a piece of history, a fragment of a love story that is as old as time, yet as fresh as her own.

In the end, Knotted isn't just about jewelry; it's about the moments that make life worth cherishing, the love that makes every challenge worth facing. It's about eternal bonds, tied in the beautiful knot of togetherness.

Scope of Work:

  • Development of a cohesive brand identity that draws inspiration from traditional Indian art.

  • Creation of a series of photographs that reflect the style and sentiment of Raja Ravi Varma's paintings.

  • Design of brand collateral, including print and digital materials, to communicate the brand's positioning.

  • Formulation of a strategic marketing approach to launch and promote the brand effectively.

Photoshoot Concept:

  • Rich Textures: The textures in the backdrop and attire were chosen to complement the complexity and craftsmanship of the jewelry, with a focus on fabrics and elements that echo the thematic knots.

  • Cultural Fusion: The shoot embraced a fusion of cultural elements, from the model's attire to the setting, reflecting the brand's appeal to brides from diverse backgrounds.

  • Elegance in Pose: The models were directed to pose in a manner that exudes grace and elegance, their gestures subtly echoing the forms of the jewelry they adorn.



  • Each photograph captures a moment of silent storytelling, with the model's poise and expression conveying a narrative of anticipation, joy, and reverence.

  • The shots are composed to allow the jewelry to be the focal point while ensuring that each piece is contextualized within the broader story of love and commitment that Knotted represents.

  • Final Presentation:

  • The final selection of photographs for the portfolio showcases not just the physical beauty of the jewelry but also the emotional resonance of the Knotted brand.

  • Accompanying each image is a brief narrative, describing the inspiration behind the piece and its connection to the concept of unity and love.

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