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Sid Arora

Project Overview


Strategy - Public Relations - Media

Decathlon, a leading sports and outdoor retailer, partnered with Impact Magazine to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the renowned publication. This collaboration aimed to pay tribute to the rich history of celebrated Canadian athletes by joining forces with iconic Olympians. The campaign involved styling these athletes in all-black attire, paired with various athletic shoes exclusively designed and manufactured by Decathlon


Celebrated Canadian Athletic Excellence: The campaign aimed to showcase and honour the achievements of Canadian Olympians who made significant contributions to the sporting world.


Highlight Decathlon's Sports Apparel and Footwear: The goal was to promote its athletic shoe range by prominently featuring them in the campaign.


Enhance Brand Visibility: The project sought to increase brand recognition and engagement for both Decathlon and Impact Magazine.


Strengthen Partnerships: The campaign was expected to forge a lasting partnership between Decathlon and Impact Magazine, fostering future collaborations.

 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  • Social media engagement metrics (likes, comments, shares).

  • Media coverage and reach.

  • Website traffic and engagement.

  • Sales and conversion rates for featured Decathlon products.

  • Partner satisfaction and feedback.



The Decathlon x Impact Magazine 30th Anniversary PR X Influencer Campaign was a unique opportunity to celebrate Canadian athletic excellence while showcasing Decathlon's athletic footwear. With Impact Magazine handling the photo shoot, the campaign created a memorable and impactful celebration of the partnership between Decathlon and Impact Magazine, leaving a lasting impression on the audience and strengthening the brand presence in the sports and outdoor industry.

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